Patricia Blanco


Patricia Blanco is a poet and mixed-media artist from New York City. She is the author of PLUTO: POEMS & PROSE, her 2014 debut.

Raised in New York City by her mother, Patricia Blanco has always been drawing and writing her way through life while keenly observing the world. A complex childhood involving a difficult divorce and her mother's serious illness greatly influenced her expression through art. Much of her early working career revolved around the excitement of the fashion and publishing worlds. Although they never quite captured her heart, they did ignite her instinctive affinity for computer technology and design, leading to a graphic design career. A decade later, motherhood became an interesting catalyst to Blanco's inward journey, melding her past and present and authenticating her spirit and self-expression. By then she had left her graphic design career focusing instead on painting. In 2014, Blanco published her first poetry collection, PLUTO: POEMS & PROSE, inspired by rebirth within the virtue of unfiltered truth. She now resides in the Hudson Valley with her husband and two children.